What Do Our Customers Say About On-Hold Media Group?

Aesthetics / Dermatology

Partington Plastic Surgery
OnHoldWizard.com has been a great asset to our company. Our patients are always telling us how much they appreciate the information they are receiving, while they are on hold. One comment was ‘Their voices are so soothing that I forget that I am on hold.’ Personally, my favorite thing about On Hold Wizard is that they will always change up our recordings to keep it fresh and new! Thank you for all your excellent service.

Sue Atkinson-Horan, Business Manager

Crown Supply Co., Inc.
Crown Supply has been using OnHoldWizard.com for 5 years. We have noticed an increase in sales on items we promote and a huge increase in attendance at our events. I have heard complements from both customers and vendors. Vendors are really impressed when they call in and hear an announcement for their training or event while on hold. It’s a great way to get information out to our customers without filling up their inbox.

Gary at OnHoldWizard.com has been extremely helpful to me with creating numerous scripts. He is always quick to respond and the turn-around time for a new script is more than impressive. It always comes out better then I expect and they sound great too.

OnHoldWizard.com is a great product and they have a great team. I would highly recommend OnHoldWizard.com to any company!

Kristina Ormaza, Marketing

Animal Care

Alsager Animal Care
On Hold Wizard is a great informational and advertising tool for our clients. Our clients get pet health tips and promotional information while they are waiting for us on the line.

The service is so easy. I can make custom scripts that are unique to us, or choose a standard script and have it sent to our phone in no time!

This is one of the greatest services we have ever used! Every business should take advantage of this marketing tool! The staff at OnHoldWizard.com is very helpful and efficient. They excel in the customer service department.

Dawn Brewer, Technician


Metro Brick & Stone
We'd just started using the Production Wizard when I was talking to one of our very best customers. He said, "So, I hear you have a new stone quarry!" and I had to ask, "How'd you hear about that?" because it was new information we hadn't printed or posted anywhere. He said, "I heard it when I was on hold," and that's when I realized I'd really made the right decision by going with the Production Wizard. It's a great way to share new information with our customers...and everyone hears it at some time or another.

Dennis Calander, Owner

ABC Southern California
I have worked with On-Hold Media here at our chapter for a few years now and have nothing but good to say about them. They have been extremely helpful and wonderful to work with. Any questions I’ve had they’ve addressed in a timely matter, some questions I’ve had, they’ve answered before I even asked. Their people will go through once in a while and offer suggestions for messages after looking at my website and seeing what’s coming up – and some have been great ideas! They send me reminders when it’s been awhile since I’ve changed our messages…. We had an issue with the sound quality awhile back and they were right on top of it, sending us new equipment, testing our account, 3 different people followed up to make sure we were satisfied – and they would have stayed with it, whatever it took, to make sure that we were happy with the result. There are so many options for your on-hold needs and their site is very user friendly. You can use male voices, female voices, music only…. I’ve been nothing but happy with them and the way they run their company, and for the end product that gives us that professional sounding edge.

Theresa Lovejoy, Continuing Education Coordinator

Packer Brick
All of us at Packer Brick love the new On Hold Messaging system. It has generated a lot of excitement about our new products. Your staff does an excellent job on the production side and it is so simple to keep the messages fresh and up-to-date. Our homebuilder customers love it and many have asked about the products mentioned in the spots.

You have really taken on-hold to the next level! Thanks to you and your staff for helping us sell our ever-increasing product line in such an entertaining way.

Brett Packer, President


Hilton Israelson, DDS PA
The Production Wizard is easy to use and the customer service is unbeatable. Our patients are constantly asking about the services we advertise on hold, so we know it's working for us.

Ashley Hawkins, Front Office Coordinator


Best Deal Spring, Inc.
I love how OnHoldWizard.com lets you, the business owner; decide what message is reaching your customer base. New product lines, special pricing, and any other info can be passed on almost immediately. We’ve had nothing but positive feedback since installing the system one year ago.

Kalli Bowers, Accounting Manager

M&M Manufacturing
Hey Jennifer, Thanks for the reminder. New production is scheduled for 3:00 today. I forget about this at times and your reminders are a GREAT service!! Thanks, Bob

Bob Cherveny, Marketing Manager

Distribution - Building Materials

DAIco Supply
OnHoldWizard.com paid for itself right away! Within the first month we were able to identify additional sales we made because of customers adding things they heard about on-hold to their orders. They’re definitely listening to it, and we’ve had a great response. I think it makes our business sound more professional. The staff at the On-Hold Media Group does a great job of making us sound good and I genuinely enjoy working with them. Yesterday I got into your website to create a new production and imagine my EXCITEMENT when I saw the new selection of music. I nearly fell out of my chair with happiness. Do you know how much company time I burned yesterday just listening to every new tune and sometimes twice? Well I don’t know either, but I did listen to every new tune and made a list of all my new favorites. I just want to say “Thank You” for listening to my suggestion for new music but I feel certain I was not alone in this thought. I love having a choice of new music but more importantly something new and fresh to offer my customers!

Karen Arnold Taylor, Vice President

J.R. Kakley & Sons, Inc
OnHoldWizard.com has definitely made a difference in our business. When we first started using the service, our customers immediately commented on how our on-hold messages had effectively captured their experience with our company, which reinforces repeat business.

When we started manufacturing doors, On-Hold Media Group promoted our new service in a way that mass marketing couldn't. Because it spoke to our existing customers, we got a lot of questions and positive feedback.

We're currently using OnHoldWizard.com to promote our True-Value Center, and I must say -- it's already making a difference.

Joe Centracchio, General Manager

Wholesale Building Products
Working with the staff at OnHoldWizard.com is always a pleasant experience. Their attention to detail, immediate response and willingness to help answer our questions is a great reminder of how quality customer service should be.

OnHoldWizard.com has also been a tremendous asset to our company in helping to get out information to our customers about our current stock, as well as new and innovative products we continually add to our inventory.

In fact, I personally look forward to many years of business with OnHoldWizard.com and interacting with their terrific staff.

Tom Villeneuve, Associate

Wallboard Supply
Allan, I wanted to write to you and tell you how much we appreciate you and all of your employees. Having a customized on-hold system has been a much better investment than we thought it would be. Being able to create custom spots as well as being able to showcase Drake Group Vendors has been great! We have been able to get the word out there for our Grand Openings, Our Contractor’s Night and other events or sales that we are having.

When I am put on-hold by other companies I realize how boring the “plain old on-hold music” is. I have received many questions about it and always recommend you to anyone who asks.

Your whole staff is great! Gary has helped me out when installing a new system and it has always been easy. The people doing the recordings sound great and even enthusiastic!

Kerry Violette, PHR, Human Resources Manager/ Information Technology

Distribution - Electrical

We’ve been using OnHoldWizard.com for just a few weeks at our main Reno location, and we’ve already had positive feedback across the board about our messages – from customers, employees and vendors. I’ve been very pleased with our decision.

One thing I’ve noticed is that we’re getting inquiries about products we’ve had on the shelves for 15 months that, until now, hadn’t generated any interest. That tells me we’ve reached more people with a positive sales message about those products in just a few weeks than we had in the entire15 months before. I think using OnHoldWizard.com is going to make a significant difference in our ability to introduce new products and increase sales.

It’s also addressing a real need in our overall marketing efforts. Our outside sales reps typically call on our biggest customers, and we have a group of small to medium contractors that come in to our counter on a regular basis, but there’s a large group of customers in the middle that we haven’t been reaching with our sales messages. They call in their orders and get their deliveries, but until we started using on-hold messaging we didn’t have an effective way to promote products and services to them. In a lot of ways, using OnHoldWizard.com is like employing another salesperson that really targets those “phone” customers for just a few dollars a day.

Our switchboard operator even mentioned that we’re not losing as many calls as we did when we had the radio on-hold. She believes the messages help minimize the perceived hold time, and says the customers seem to be in a better mood too!

Rich Stoltz, VP - Sales

First Electric Supply
First Electric Supply just started using OnHoldWizard and it has made a big impression on our customers.

Prior to OnHoldWizard, we used a typical FM radio station for our on-hold service. We ran into many static issues and it was not beneficial to the customer or our business. It was only a tool to soften the awkward silence.

Now with OnHoldWizard, we can update customers about our company, promote our products, or alert them about upcoming events. It is a great marketing tool and it has become one of the most effective ways to reach our customer base.

We have opened several new branch locations in the past year, and in order to compete in these new marketplaces we felt it was necessary to increase our professionalism. OnHoldWizard has helped take our company to that next level.

It has also helped us become more personable with our new customers. We use the IMARK Library to promote but add our own personal touch. It has been a great addition to our company!

Kirby Gray, Marketing/Purchasing Manager

Evergreen Oak Electric and Crest Lighting
We have been using OnHoldWizard.com since August 2006. The Production Wizard is extremely easy to use and delivers unparalleled flexibility to make creative and timely on-hold messages.

Custom scripts are quickly produced and turned around in just a few days. And their friendly Customer Service Representatives always go the extra mile to answer our questions and satisfy our requests.

OnHoldWizard.com has been a valuable addition to our marketing and advertising programs. It enables us to deliver valuable information to our customers.

Barton Kramer, President

Kelly & Hayes Electrical Supply
We have been customers of On-Hold Media Group for over eight months now. From our initial contact with OHMG, we have been impressed by the professionalism, competency, courtesy and friendliness of the entire staff. Our account manager, Bryan Hill, is a pleasure to work with.

Whether it was taking his suggestions on the creation of messages to be played to our customers, or creating new custom messages, his advice has been helpful and spot on – helping to create interest in our showrooms and products which we believe has increased our bottom line. And, his implementation and follow up on the recorded messages has saved us time that we can devote to our customers.

OnHoldWizard.com has saved us time and increased our revenue – does it get any better than that?

Ted Brockey, Sales & Marketing Manager

A-G Electrical Supply
We’ve been using OnHoldWizard.com for a little over a year. We've found that it's an excellent marketing tool to update our customers on products we carry as well as holiday hours or special events. The customers like it because the wait time doesn’t feel as long when they’re on hold. We’ve had very positive feedback from customers since we started to use this service.

Lois Ray, Marketing Department

Customer Service Electric Supply, Inc.
I wanted to take time to thank you for the excellent customer service we receive from the On-Hold Media Group. I wish all our service providers responded as quickly as you do. I really appreciate how easy it is to change our scripts and update a production. Being able to customize productions to match up with special holidays is a great feature. At first we were not sure how much the on hold messages were impacting our business until one of our industrial customers came in and requested two of the special carbide drill bit kits that we were advertising in our on-hold message. That sale alone paid for 3 months of on-hold messaging. Since that time we have received positive feedback from many of our customers. It has even reached the point where some of our customers are requesting specific music that they enjoy!

Logan Hill, General Manager

Dulles Electric
Hi Gary, Thanks for the follow up! You guys provide proactive customer service, and I absolutely love it.

Sharina Mendoza, Director of Marketing

TEC Electric
Thanks for all you do to be proactive. Don’t see that in many (if any) of the companies I deal with. Great job!!!

Barry Wright, President

Stokes Electrical Supply
Several months ago our previous on-hold provider stopped working. So we reached out to On-Hold Media Group and never regretted our decision. Their proactive customer support team helps us in a lot of ways. After the holidays, I forgot to change our production back from the holiday music and scripts. But they didn’t, I got an email and notified me that the change was done. This to me demonstrates that they are concerned about our business succeeding. Also, the ease of creating and modifying a script is painless; I seldom spend more than 5 minutes when creating one. As the sales manager for a small electrical distributor, I remind my sales people what is being promoted with their online Production Wizard. I have heard several inquires came on the products and services that are contained on our production scripts. A big “THANKS” to On-Hold Media Group for their great customer service and innovative on-hold system!

Patrick Presto, Sales Representative

K-E Electric Supply
I love using the Production Wizard from On-Hold Media Group! With a very busy multi-line phone system we realize that there will be times when our customers are going to be on hold. By using OnHoldWizard.com, we fill those anxious moments with product information, various value added services, and industry related information. This service helps get our message to the customer using a simple system that can be updated at a moment's notice. We also benefit with On-Hold Media Group being an MSP provider with the IMARK group. The customer service at On-Hold Media Group is invaluable! Very professional and personable staff is always making sure you are producing the best message possible. Great Team! Thank you for everything!

Wendy Duynslager, Credit Department

Shepherd Electric Supply
As the Marketing Manager of Shepherd Electric Supply, I was involved and responsible for the productions from the very beginning of our association with On Hold Media Group. Initially, we used OnHoldWizard.com in our main location in Baltimore, MD. As we have grown, we now utilize this service in all four of our locations in the MD-VA-DC area.

Without exception, each individual that I have communicated with at OnHoldWizard.com has been incredibly helpful, patient and prompt in completing our requests. When the need arose to create Custom Scripts with High Priority, the OnHoldWizard.com team ALWAYS came through for us. And as a member of IMARK, we are very pleased to be dealing with an IMARK Service Provider.

Candy Winegrad, Marketing Manager (now Profitability Director)

Electrical Distributors Co.
Our on hold system is working great - we just had one of the best turn outs for a counter day (6/7) that we have had in a long time. I attribute the high turn out to the "on hold" information. I have had a number of compliments from customers on the system.

Darlene L. McEvoy, Marketing

Walters Wholesale Electric
Walters Wholesale Electric has OnHoldWizard.com messaging at all of our 21 locations, including our corporate office and central distribution center. One word describes my experience with them: “phenomenal.” They are much more responsive than the provider we had before (Muzak), and their technology is ideally suited to our needs.

Each of our locations can play a mix of company-wide and store-specific promotional information, and we can update the content in a matter of minutes any time we need to, as often as we like.

From an IT perspective, I appreciate the fact that they designed their system from the ground up to be highly secure and stable.

Walters realized the value of on-hold messaging years ago. Now that we have OnHoldWizard.com, we can truly see the maximum benefits.

Kirk Woloshin , IT Manager

The Hite Company
We’ve been using OnHoldWizard.com since July 2005. It has a variety of supplier and holiday spots. The website is user-friendly, and the support staff has been very helpful in answering our many questions as we begin this new venture.

It gives us a professional image because we are able to keep the messages accurate and up-to-date due to the ease of creating each production. It provides another way to market ourselves and our products to the customer.

I especially like being able to reuse a script, because sometimes I have only one thing to change and it beats having to create a whole new production. Keep up the good work!

Jeanie Stoltz, Marketing Coordinator

Advance Electrical Supply
At Advance Electrical Supply, our challenge is to stay connected to our valued customers without overwhelming them with too many emails and phone calls. We realize their time is valuable. On-Hold Media Group strikes a nice balance by providing quick informative messages on topics such as new product introductions, value-added services and company events. As is the case with many mid-size electrical distributors we do not have a marketing person on staff. On-Hold Media Group fills that void by allowing us to create professional productions in a timely manner. The system is user- friendly, the library voice scripts are extensive and the customer service department is second to none. In the event we cannot use an existing script, we especially like the ability to create a custom script and have it turned around in a day or two. Simply put, we knew we had an effective marketing tool when the customers started asking about the messages they heard while on hold.

Tim Schlesser, Corporate Operations Manager

Dunn Electric Supply Co. Inc.
For years, I’ve listened to advertisements on the phone while on-hold and thought that it would be good for our company as well. But it wasn't until On-Hold Media Group contacted us and easily made it possible. The professionalism and creativity of the professionally-voiced library takes away the hassle. Plus the staff is helpful by suggesting new spots without any additional charge. The productions take just minutes to change, and I love the control of producing quality announcements that are specifically designed to promote our company, products and services. We’ve enjoyed positive feedback from our customers, and I highly recommend this service.

Toni Dunn, CEO

Echo Group
Some comments on your service. It has been great. Your group showed a very special interest in getting things rolling. Not only one of you, but the whole team. You really have a great staff.

At times, I feel that we must be your only customer with the great service that you provide, but I know that this isn't true. Your staff has helped our "uncomfortable users" to be comfortable users by taking the time in contacting them and making them comfortable in working with your staff and the system.

Thanks to Pat Hare's group (Parrish-Hare Electrical Supply) for bringing you to IMARK as a Member Service Provider.

Doug Maasen, Vice-President - Sales & Marketing

Sefco Electric Supply
Allan, I just wanted to send you an email to tell you what a good job your company does. I am like a typical small business owner in that I don’t worry about a lot of the small things (such as my on-hold message), but your group does a great job of reminding me to take care of it. Last week I got an email that my standard spots had not been changed in a while, and not only did you tell me that I should change them but you offered me suggested replacements.

My last on-hold company just milked my money and never did anything proactive – ever.

I just had a local Ace hardware store owner call me to ask who we used for our on-hold messages, and I gave him your company’s information. He was impressed with the quality of the product from the times that he was put on hold.

Chris Lamb, General Manager

Yesco Electrical Supply
Yesco Electrical Supply has been using OnHoldWizard.com for over a year now and highly recommend their service to anyone considering an on-hold system to advertise their business. Not only is the website easy to use, but the support staff is quick to respond to any questions and help in any way. OnHoldWizard.com also sends out emails monthly with additional spots ready to be recorded -- specifically for your company. I admit, I was skeptical with how well this advertising would work, but my fears were put to rest within the first month when I had long time customer tell me they didn’t realize we were able to supply them with a specific product that we happened to be advertising. WOW! One month and it was already working for us. This company is definitely worth spending the advertising dollars with! GREAT JOB GUYS!!

Mark A Walters, Sales Manager

Parrish-Hare Electrical Supply
I love using OnHoldWizard.com! The website is easy to use and I can create a new on-hold production for any or all of our five locations in just minutes. The staff is extremely responsive. When I need new custom material, they come up with creative and professional scripts from just a few basic notes…and if I ever need something quickly they are usually able to get it done for me right away. I would recommend OnHoldWizard.com to anyone!

Tina Turner, Marketing Coordinator

Distribution - Paper and Janitorial Products

Dees Paper Company
Here at Dees Paper Co., we pride ourselves on our standard of personal and courteous customer service. This includes our firm refusal to compromise on the way our customers are greeted when they call. Our phones are always answered by a friendly person -- never an automated series of prompts. So On-Hold Media Group is a wonderful way to extend and continue this level of customer service during a time that we cannot. A time ordinarily passed in silence or filled with sleepy music. Adam, our Account Manager, is more than just helpful. He’s patient, thorough, and he genuinely cares about customer satisfaction. Our outside sales team spends a considerable amount of time on-hold and I was inundated with “Thank You’s” right after we made the switch. They love listening to the scripts about new product information, company news, and fun facts from the library of trivia spots. As a creative and effective marketing tool, On-Hold Media Group is a welcomed addition to our company that I’m extremely pleased we made.

Lauren Dees, Creative and Marketing Director

Distribution - Plumbing / HVAC

Active Plumbing Supply
We’ve been using OnHoldWizard.com at our main branch for several months now and it has been really beneficial. It's a great way to advertise products and events. Very simple to use. And the staff at OnHoldWizard.com are courteous and efficient. With plenty of pre-recorded options as well as custom made voice scripts, it’s great service for any business -- big or small.

Keith Martin, Branch Manager

Benjamin Supply
As a Marketing Communications professional I thoroughly appreciate our relationship with On-Hold Media. Their product and service are stellar and both go a long way in supporting our company's brand. They offer a robust and current library of diverse product messaging. Their well-produced segments do a superlative job in showcasing the vendors we offer. The scripting is so spot on that I often use it to brainstorm concepts for other advertising. If the rest of our media was so responsive, comprehensive and easy to facilitate, my job would be a whole lot easier. Any time I am calling into our shop and am inadvertently put on hold I actually smile thinking how professional the On-Hold Media service makes us look.

Tina Roesler, Marketing Manager

Canyon Pipe & Supply
We switched to OnHoldWizard.com from another well known on-hold service five months ago, and I can't be more pleased. Your staff is so eager and willing to help me create exactly what I want our callers to hear while waiting for one of our associates to help them. Our customers aren't on-hold for very long, so the voice spots have to be just the right length to get our key points across. You do a great job of helping me create the perfect on-hold messages. OnHoldWizard.com's Production Wizard can't be any easier to use. The web site is so user- friendly that anyone can log-in and create a new on-hold production -- even if it's the first time they've seen the site. It's so nice that I have the ability to log-in every day to change my messages, or let our monthly specials play all month. I love that I have a choice and don't have to wait for some tape to arrive in the mail that had to be recorded especially for me. If I need a new voice spot all I have to do is call and I'll have a script written, recorded and posted on the web site in just a few days. It's that simple. I recommend that everyone use OnHoldWizard.com and start creating original new on-hold messages for their customers to hear too!

Shelly Huebner, Marketing Specialist

General Plumbing Supply
On-Hold Media Group is an awesome asset to our business and greatly improves the communication level with our customers. We are able to seamlessly swap in and out both company and vendor messages that give information about programs we are offering on a daily basis if we so desired.

My account managers have been great in providing any assistance that our company has needed and that has gone a long way towards increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of this service. It has also helped that On-Hold Media Group is a preferred vendor of our buying group, which has allowed us to draw from a great library of messages from the vendors from which we all purchase – not to mention their quick turn-arounds on custom-made messages for our business.

Overall, On-Hold Media Group is a great addition to our communications strategy.

Justin Freedman, Marketing Manager

Loeb Electric Supply
Love it! Although so far your system has mainly been Deborah taking care of everything for me! My extreme compliments and most sincere admiration for all of your staff's help and professionalism. As soon as I can get caught up I'll be able to use the production wizard more but yes, I love it.

Rob Zalewski, Director of Development

Distribution - Rep Firms

RB Sales Corporation
OnHoldWizard.com’s service has been warmly received by customers and employees alike. Our previous service was acceptable, but it was the same thing, over and over again. With OnHoldWizard.com, we are able to create messages specific to our products and services, as well as drawing from a growing library of material spots specific to our company. The web service is easy to understand and responds quickly to my selections. When I need help, I know it’s only a phone call or email away.

The personalized service has been first-class and exceptionally timely. We don’t like customers to wait on hold, but while they do we want to be sure to let them know exactly what’s new and different with our company and the manufacturers we represent. We thank you for providing this service which helps us to increase the customers’ awareness of all that RB Sales Corporation has to offer.

Dan Riedell, Vice President of Operations

Healy Mattos, Inc.
On-Hold Media Group has made an immediate impact for our company. This program allows our customer base to hear first-hand about the manufacturer’s we represent and the quality material they manufacture in detail. It also keeps our customers updated on new products, holiday schedules, and manufacturer promotions. Thanks On-Hold Media Group.

Marc S. Mattos, Operations Manager/Sales

Financial Services

NACM Southwest - Irving
When I need something, you guys are right on top of it. Whether I need a new script written or need changes made to one that has already been produced, you all have always gone above and beyond.

Although we do not leave our members on hold for extended periods of time, they receive a wealth of information when they are on hold. For some, this is the only way they hear about some of our events and services. We couldn't do it without you.

Michelle Taylor, Assistant to the President & Group Coordinator

NACM Credit Services
[Re: creating custom music tracks in the Production Wizard to promote the appearance of the band, “Trampled Under Foot” at an upcoming conference.]


Thanks so much for your work on those killer sound tracks on our “Trampled Under Foot” music! All of your cuts are phenomenal - and capture that Blues spirit we really wanted to showcase. I can't wait to hear them played over the phone. I think I might call myself just to hear it! Very good job on making us sound good.

Your assistance in achieving this personalization is fabulous. I'm very pleased with the efforts of everyone at the company to help us promote this conference. You make us feel important. Thank you!

Miranda Bickford, Marketing Coordinator

Food Markets

Whole Foods Market Georgetown
Here at Whole Foods Market Georgetown, we’ve been working with On Hold Media Group for over 3 years now. The customer service is outstanding; they’re always available, quick to respond and they’ve helped me out more than once when I was in a jam. When a last minute change was needed in a hurry, turn-around time was practically overnight. Plus, they monitor my messages and if a spot is expired they’ll send a courtesy reminder. The On-Hold Wizard is simply amazing, and attention to detail is impeccable. The website and production pages are user friendly and so efficient, I’m constantly amazed as to how easily and quickly I can change my productions. It’s been a real pleasure to work with Lynne and her team. I’ve recommended On Hold Media Group to several other Whole Foods Market stores and I’ll continue to recommend them over and over again!

Fadia Jawdat, Marketing & Community Liaison

Whole Foods - Venice
Ever had a service and start wondering why you're paying for it? That is NOT the case with our friends at On-Hold Media Group. This company breaks the mold for standard sub-par service. They consistently go above and beyond to help keep me on track. Aside from the reminders that my messages are about to expire, they're quick to use their clever minds to help drum up a slogan when I run out of time and creative juices. I'm their biggest fan and constantly thank them for saving the day.

Kelly Layne, Marketing Supervisor


Touchstone Medical Imaging
This is great! Thanks so much. I am extremely satisfied with your company and the service we get! I am very impressed as compared to my prior experiences with competitors.

Kayce Hudson, Area Manager - Lewisville & Flower Mound, TX

Hopkins County Memorial Hospital
Memorial Hospital has been a customer of On-Hold Media Group for years and we enjoy the wonderful working relationship we have with their team. Everyone is very responsive to any need or request. The on-line Production Wizard is so easy to use and the creative team does a great job of developing new messages for our hospital. Thank you to everyone involved for making my job so much easier.

Sherry Moore, Director of Marketing, Managed Care and Volunteers

Silverado Senior Living
Silverado has featured some of its less known services on the on-hold message. As a result, we have several examples of customers hearing about them while being on hold, and buying them as a result. That alone has made the on hold system more valuable to use and has paid for itself as well.

I have found working with On-Hold Media Group both easy and enjoyable. The production wizard makes changes a breeze. With 33 locations, ensuring that messages are fresh, background music is changed regularly and new locations are up and running quickly are all quite simple using the wizard. The staff at On-Hold Media Group are all a pleasure to work with and always willing to lend a hand when needed. Overall an A+ experience.

Mark Mostow, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Riverside Community Hospital
I am been very happy with the great customer service [On-Hold Media Group] and his team have given me. They turn spots around in a very timely fashion. On-hold messaging is a great way to let our guests know about new services, remind them of existing services, and brag about our fabulous quality awards.

Twinkle Chisolm, Marketing Director

Home & Garden

Blackburn Pest Control
OnHoldWizard.com has helped our sales and keeps our customers happy and engaged while they’re on-hold. It gives us another avenue of advertising to explain our various types of services and gives our customers the opportunity to add-on new services or ask about special promotions – all in one call.

Dwight Blackburn, President

EnviroSafe Pest Control
You guy's are the best.

Kurt Trombetti, President


Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa
Our experience with On-Hold Media Group has been one of professionalism, courtesy and enjoyment. They’ve been extremely helpful whenever we had questions or needed to make changes.

When we’ve needed to create new spots, the staff has been very helpful at revising our copy to make it more professional and friendly. In short, the staff at On-Hold Media Group is top-notch and we’d like to thank them for their continued support and partnership with the Buena Vista Palace.

Bente Humphrey, Executive Administrative Assistant


Collin Air Conditioning & Heating
Allan, I just wanted you to know that David Crandell did an excellent job of fixing our "on-hold" problem. First of all, he telephoned to confirm our telephone numbers in order to troubleshoot the problem and then followed up with an e-mail to let me know that all was working properly. I thought you should know how well your employee is doing in the customer service area. Thanks again for your prompt response to our problem.

Heather McFadden,


OnHoldWizard.com is such a convenient way to keep our customers informed about our new products and successes. While they are waiting to talk to us, they may hear about another product that could be of interest as well as find out about how we have helped other customers find solutions to their packaging needs.

OnHoldWizard.com's product and service are far above any other on-hold products I have researched. Even after years of being a customer, they still respond as if we're a prospect - new scripts are handled quickly and professionally and with a friendliness that is refreshing in this day and age.

The website is easy to use. Even though we have 20 locations that set-up their productions independently, I really like the ability to track their activity so we can encourage them to keep their messages fresh.

Suzanne Fenton, C.P.P., Director of Marketing

Setting up our on-hold message service has been one of the best experiences I've had adding enhancements to our telecommunications system. The whole process was very easy. Working with the folks at On-Hold Media Group and Allan Rhodes was pleasant and they did exactly what they said they would do. Everything went exactly as planned. The Production Wizard is very well thought out and a pleasure to use. Again, thank you for a most agreeable business experience.

Joel Ruvkun, Office Manager

Printing & Graphics Services

Sunbelt Letterpress
Destiney, I really appreciate the new proactive level of customer service that you and the On Hold Media staff have displayed over the last few months. It definitely makes a difference. Thank you!

Scot Skinner, President


Bob Lilly Promotions
Mike, Please meet my good friend Allan Rhodes! Allan is the founder and CEO of On Hold Media Group. They are the best I’ve ever seen for On Hold media creation and management. They are super proactive about reaching out throughout the year to update you on what you have playing. They create new call media turnkey in-house and have the most professional staff in the industry. Their prices for what you get are outstanding and I highly recommend you taking a look at them when reviewing your on hold media partner.

Bob Lilly Jr., CEO/President


Bissinger's Handcrafted Chocolatier
OnHoldWizard.com is well worth the investment. This past Easter, we incorporated on-hold messaging with our existing marketing mix and the difference was amazing. We actually could not keep up with the demand for our hand-crafted confections -- and eventually, we completely sold out!

What surprised me most was how effective on-hold messaging can be. For us, the response was immediate.

The service is stellar, and the turn-around time is unbelievable. Our account manager works closely with our team to understand our needs and quickly deliver quality messages that convey our products in a tone that gets results.

The system is so easy to use, and we're not limited with our productions. For infinite options, there's only one real choice – OnHoldWizard.com!

Jeannine Manning, Marketing and Brand Coordinator

Goodies From Goodman
I never thought marketing our services would be quite so efficient and so easy. OnHoldWizard.com has made it simple for us to continually touch our customers with fresh and new ideas about Goodies from Goodman with just a simple click!

Although our customers are rarely on hold, when they are I know my message will suggest just that perfect gift or proper service. I have been so impressed with not only the ease of the technology, but my On-Hold account rep is always offering us new and exciting scripts pitched in just the right way.

Bobby Goodman, Chairman

Sports & Recreation

Frisco RoughRiders Baseball Club
Working with the folks at the On Hold Wizard has been a rewarding experience this past year. It is by far the easiest system I have ever used and the staff is great to work with. The ability to update our messages automatically have helped us keep our fans here at the RoughRiders informed and up to date on the latest information regarding the team and all our promotions. It’s been a great tool for selling as well as it’s easy and quick for the customer. I highly recommend this system.

Lynn Wittenburg, VP of Sales & Marketing


InterBel Telephone. Eureka, Montana
Our new On Hold Media Group service is working great! We like it, our customers like it and it’s provided us an excellent opportunity to not only sell but thank people for their business. Your script writing and recording folks were flexible and easy to work with – and the messages are right on target. Thanks for a job well done!

Randy Wilson, General Manager

Hutton Communications
The staff at On Hold Media Group is simply the best group of people I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Not only are they fast and reliable, they review your work to ensure no mistakes made! The marketing options using this medium are endless and we have amazing positive results from our customers. I have the best team working on my side to ensure an incredible marketing message. Thank you guys for all that you do! I look forward to many more years of happy success with you.

Katie Lynn Whitaker, Marketing Communications Manager