On-Hold Media Group Production Package Descriptions

Shuffle Production Package Includes

Shuffle VIP
  • Every OHMG Client has unlimited password protected access to the Production Wizard's Shuffle™ Interface and may select Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly for Production update frequency.
  • Where applicable, all customers will have unlimited access to National Association Libraries.
  • Complementary Libraries include, Seasonal/Holiday, Trivia, Historical Trivia, Sports Trivia, Inspirational Quotes, Go Green, Health and Consumer Tips.
  • All new customers receive up to 10 Free Initial Custom Spots to begin populating their Shuffle™ Playlist.

VIP Production Package Includes

Shuffle VIP

VIP Packages are designed to provide additional assistance with managing custom library content and initiating custom spots on a quarterly basis.

Your Account Manager will

  • Create custom spots for your approval based on information contained on your website, content from your company's email blasts, and company newsletters. Please add your account manager email address to all appropriate company communications.
  • Purge outdated spots in your custom library and add new spots as they are completed.
  • Manage all new Shuffle™ productions on the update frequency you request: Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly.